Become a Prayer Partner - We want lives to be changed.  We desire that viewers would give their lives over to the Lordship of Christ; not mere mental assent.


We desire your prayers!   Here is our current list of prayer needs. As our Christian Creatives are faithful to the call to share the message of hope and truth through media, it is our high honor to keep everyone bathed in prayer.  We know that NOTHING is too hard for Our God.  Prayer partners pray specifically for:

  • Christian Creatives involved in media ministry; some with a special focus on the people involved in developing content.
  • Relationships within the ministry and outside the ministry,
  • Production logistics including locations, supplies, vendors, and
  • Viewers of the content.
  • Donors who have a heart for reaching the lost.  Media is a powerful tool to reach millions at once, but it costs.

I Need Prayer